How does the car wash option work?

In addition to its valet-parking service, Ector offers its customers various maintenance and overhaul options such as car wash. This option is entrusted to external service providers.  

The service includes:

  • Vehicle control with a before / after photo
  • Mosquito repellent, shampooing, rinsing and drying of the car exterior
  • Dusting, vacuuming, brushing, humidifying plastics, deodorizing and drying of the car interior and the boot
  • The supply of cleaning products and consumables
  • The supply and maintenance of the equipment necessary for the service (vacuum cleaner, compressor, rags, etc.)

The service excludes the stains embedded in fabrics and the sand residues that cannot be removed with the process described above.

Interior car wash: 

  • Glass cleaning and drying (windshield and rear window)
  • Dashboard and interior elements (steering wheel, screen, counter, center console, door trim…) cleaning
  • Cleaning of the door and trunk pillar
  • Seats, carpet, trunk, rear shelf and under seats vacuum cleaning
  • Disposal of all waste
  • Removal of animal hair
  • Deodorization of the passenger compartment

Exterior car wash:

  • Complete cleaning (shampooing, rinsing and drying) of the bodywork from the roof to the underbody including tar stains, pigeon droppings ...
  • External rim cleaning
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior mirrors, front and rear optics
  • Window cleaning (rear window and windshield)

Quality Control:

  • The vehicle is subject to a series of photos showing the interior and exterior of the vehicle in its entirety, before and after the cleaning.
  • Any complaint as to the result of the service provided must be notified to the valet upon return of the vehicle. 

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