What happens in the event of a claim?

From the moment we pick up your vehicle, until we return it to you, your vehicle is covered by our all-risk insurance contracted with our insurer: MMA.

In accordance with our GTC, we guarantee any damage that may occur during the parking or transport of your vehicle which is attributable to us.

An inventory is carried out through our valet app (with photos of the entire exterior as well as of the dashboard) when the vehicle is picked up by the valet so that you can compare the condition in which you collect your vehicle to the condition in which you left it with us.

In fact, if the Customer finds that his/her vehicle is damaged upon receiving it back, he/she should notify these damages to the valet in charge of the return of the vehicle. The valet will note down the damages reported by the Customer and fill in an incident report which unreservedly defines the scope of the claim. The valet will take pictures of the damages reported. This incident report will then be signed by both the Customer and the valet.

The creation of an incident report by the valet then triggers the following procedure:

  • Within 72 working hours after the return of the vehicle, ECTOR directly contacts the Customer on the email address provided when booking and asks to pay a € 20 security deposit online (all information on this subject here) for the costs of handling this claim. This deposit is a secure bank card imprint which will in no case be debited if the reason for the claim turns out to be the responsibility of ECTOR.
  • Without payment of the security deposit by the Customer within 15 working days of sending this email, ECTOR declines all responsibility for the subject of the claim.
    Upon receipt of the security deposit and additional documents requested from the Customer (among others, a copy of the registration documents, additional photographs of the damage being disputed) to complete the incident report issued by the valet, ECTOR promises to get back to the customer by email within a maximum of 5 working days. The photos sent by the client must include:
    • 1 photo of the vehicle showing the license plate
    • A copy/photo of the vehicle registration certificate
    • 1 to 2 photos of each damage from afar (from a distance of about 1.5 meters)
    • 1 to 2 close-up photos of each damage from a distance of about 30 centimetres
  • The 5 working days allow ECTOR to compare the inventory carried out when the vehicle was picked up by the valet and the inventory carried out when it was returned to the owner. If this reveals that the vehicle has been damaged between its pick-up and its return, ECTOR offers the Customer financial compensation or to have the vehicle repaired free of charge in a partner garage located within 10km from the vehicle drop-off location (airport or train station). In this case, no administration fees will be invoiced and the security deposit mentioned above will not be collected by Ector.
  • If it is concluded that the damages reported are one of the exclusions mentioned in the GTC, ECTOR will inform the Customer that no compensation will be offered. In this case, no administration fees will be invoiced and the security deposit will not be collected by Ector.
  • If the investigation shows that the claim relates to damages that already existed at drop-off, ECTOR will not open any compensation procedure and will cash the security deposit for the payment of the costs related to processing this claim.

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