Why do I have to pay a €20 security deposit when declaring a claim?

  • Since the beginning we have been working with a national insurer, MMA Assurances, in order to provide all-risk coverage for your vehicle in case of a proven incident. We are committed to processing your request in a short time and under the best conditions. In order to best satisfy our customers in the event of a claim, we have put in place a process allowing you to report a claim in the easiest way possible when you collect your vehicle. However, Ector requests a security deposit for each claim declared before any treatment by our services.
  • This € 20 security deposit is only intended to protect Ector from possible abuse attempts, even if we do not question the good faith of the vast majority of our customers. In fact, in 98% of cases, it utrns out that the damages declared by the customer actually already existed when we picked up the car. Likewise, our insurer regularly reports numerous cases of attempted fraud by a couple of unscrupulous customers. These customers may ask us to compensate them for very high sums, while in the detailed inventories carried out during the pick-up of the vehicle, the damages were clearly already visible at the moment the car was entrusted to us.
  • This deposit is never cashed, except in one case: if the disputed damages are clearly visible on the inventory made by your valet when taking on your vehicle, which we then send to you in its entirety. In all other cases, we do not collect the security deposit.

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